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January 27, 2011  Serbian Chamber of Commerce, Belgrade, THE EUROPEAN WELLNESS INSTITUTE  ORGANIZED a professional panel discussion “Diet  for Health”, in cooperation with Serbian Chamber of Commerce, Institute for public health “Dr Milan Jovanovic Batut”, Military Medical Academy and Association of managers in primary health services. The aim of the discussion was to promote public knowledge and principles of healthy diet as well as prevention of obesity which is one of the key risk factors which originate non-infectious diseases.

The present professionals talked about correct, balanced diet which is in accordance with recommendations of the WHO (World Health Organization), the main factors which influence the beginning of obesity, metabolic syndrome as well as the significance of correct diet, body weight control and physical activity for accomplishing higher working performance.

The speakers in this professional panel discussion were:

·         dr Tatjana Mraovic, Military Medical Academy
·         doc. dr Maja Nikolic, Medical Faculty, University of Nis, Institute fio Public Health Nis
·         prim. dr Branka Konstantinovic Birovljev, Institute for Health Services to Students

The moderator was Gordana Hasimbegovic, MA, Serbian Chamber of Commerce

According to dr Mraovic, average person takes 257 kcal more daily than 20 years ago. She pointed out that we should bear in mind that hunger is objective, while appetite is satisfaction and it can be controlled. Important advice on salt: NO, THANK YOU! Half a gram a day is enough for our organism and 5 g is maximum quantity we can consume.

Prim. Dr Birovljev pointed out that nowadays people choose food according to its price and taste, while in the future we shall choose “functional food” with awareness that it will make us feel better and healthier.

Doc. Dr Nikolic especially pointed out the importance of acquiring healthy life habits in children. “Acquiring healthy habits, on daily basis,  in children’s diet and for the purpose of long-term change in life style, is very rewarding in terms of diminishing risks of diseases, good health, functional growth and development and better quality of life” – was highlighted in doc. Dr Nikolic’s discussion, as well as that the most important risk factors for obesity of children are: parents’ obesity, incorrect eating habits (skipping meals, fewer meals at home, fewer meals in general) and inadequate physical activity.

On completion the formal part of the panel, the present guests had opportunity to check their blood sugar. This activity was organized by “Plavi Krug”, while BORF company offered their service in analyzing body composition (BMI, physical readiness ratio) and also in making nutrition diagnosis (quantity of protein, mineral, fat and edema in the organism).

Organization team: Gordana Hasimbegovic, Serbian Chamber of Commerce, Dr Milan Manojlovic, Association of managers in primary health services, Serbia, dr Ana Mrkajic, GP, Maja Jagodic, MASc, European Wellness Institute Program.